Julius and Albertina Smarcz Family

Julius and Albertina Smarcz Family
(left to right) Henry and Maria Merzke, Alma, Louis, Albertina and Julius Smarcz

Friday, October 22, 2010

Caroline Rach Smarcz

Henry, Caroline & Maria Smarcz
Little is known about Caroline Rach or her life. Most information comes by word of mouth or information found on her sister's death certificate. The certificate lists their father as Frederick Rach and their mother as Wilhelmina (maiden name unknown).  Caroline was born in the town of Stolp in the Pomeranian region of what would eventually become Prussia. She was likely born in the mid 1840s. She grew up in Stolp and married Julius Smarcz probably in the mid 1860s. Together they had at least three children and possibly more. Henry was the first son and oldest child. Maria was the middle child and only girl.  Herman was the youngest and most resembled his father in features.  There may have been other children born to Julius and Caroline during the six year gap between the births of Maria and Herman.  No records have been found to prove whether there were or were not. It is possible that Caroline died giving birth to Herman.  If not then, she died shortly there after.  The only trace of Caroline that remains today is this photo taken of her with son Henry and daughter Maria.  The photo was taken at a studio in Stolp on 1 July 1870.